What Our Members Say

What Our Members Say

“I have known Philip for just over 6 months, during that time I have come to the opinion that if you are a business owner one of the best things you can do to help your business grow is get to know Philip!

I am a member of the Wetherby Business Exposure Group as well as the Entrepreneurs Club and have had immense value from both. In creating these groups Philip has done something very special – as a member not only do I have the chance to meet other serious business owners (unlike many other networking events!) but through the Business Exposure group I can also take part in in-depth discussions on many varied topics essential to making sure your business is running as efficiently as possible. For me the insights gained from other business owners (and Philip himself!) in many varied industries is absolutely invaluable.”

“I have known Phillip for just less than a year now, and I have been attending the Sheffield Business Exposure Group. While at first I was a bit sceptical about the group, I soon 'got it' and understand the concept. The BEG meetings are about pure networking, they are better! When I turn up to the meetings I know that I can have sensible discussions with other business owners. We are all non competing so the discussions can be very in depth.
Phillip chairs the meetings and always manages to keep the pace about right. He also brings with him his many years of experience as a corporate lawyer, that always adds value to many of the discussions.
“Philip Is dedicated and focused and has a very clear understanding of his goals and aspirations for the business Exposure Group.”
“Philip is easy to work with and gets straight to the point. He certainly adds plenty of value and is great for bouncing ideas off. There are not many people that I would testify for but I have no hesitation in doing this for him.”
“Philip has a very clear and well planned approach to everything he does. He is a professional and dedicated person who has impressed me with his strategic thinking and insight into the business world.
Having seen Philip’s ability to communicate and deliver required results, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”
“Philip has a vast knowledge of all aspects of business, he has helped me tremendously in the last 12 months.
I look forward to the monthly meetings as it's great to get so many like minded people in one room all trying to help each without any hidden a genders.”
“Philip's business exposure group is a valuable resource providing a excellent sounding board for business issues. Philip runs these well and has interesting and useful insights into the problems raised.”
“I have worked with Philip at The Business Exposure Group for over a year and found Philip to be; good to work with, helpful and with good ideas which have improved my management of the business.”
“The Business Exposure Group works because of Philip. With 'The Drazenator' at the helm, the problem-sharing flows, agendas are followed and you go away feeling you've achieved and learnt something (unlike other groups which tend to wander). It works.”
“Philip is a true entrepreneur, he sees an idea and then finds a way to make it work. He runs the Business Exposure group with a silken fist !! I mean by that - everything gets done, we cover everything on the agenda and he keeps control of the group with a smile so that it goes like clockwork. I have also worked with Philip in a joint venture capacity and as a recruiter and find him supportive, knowledgeable, responsive and has a way of seeing through the peripherals to the heart of the matter.
Joining the group has been a good move, I have done business through the group, made great contacts and it gives the opportunity once every 5 weeks to take a birds eye view of your business. Very useful.”
“Philip is a highly professional, well connected individual who is a master at making the right connection to solve relevant problems. He has a sharp, business focussed brain and has his finger on the regional pulse!”
“I have worked with Philip over the last year, attending the Business Exposure Group meetings in Leeds. The group offers a dynamic environment where business owners are able to share ideas and experiences, through a structured meeting organised and chaired by Philip. Philip's extensive business contacts and connections ensure that these meetings are always very worthwhile and always attended by relevant, interesting individuals.”
“Philip is the man to put you in contact with the movers and shakers in the Yorkshire area. As a member of the Leeds Business Exposure Group, I benefit from spending a few hours each month with other business owners, discussing real world issues that affect our businesses, away from the distractions of the workplace. Philip runs these meetings very professionally and in a way that extracts the maximum benefit from each event. I can thoroughly recommend Philip and the BXG to all my associates.”
“I've known Philip for sometime and he invited me to join the Business Exposure Group. The BXG has been a useful group to get involved with. The sessions have always helped to look at my business in a different way with other MD's from different businesses and sectors. It has also given me some useful business contacts along the way. Philip co-ordinates the meetings and leads the direction in a very good way.”





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